President’s Message

The Merrick Chamber of Commerce invites you to get involved and join us for the ride!

It feels like everywhere I go, the number one question people ask me is, “What is the Chamber of Commerce?” Is it just a business organization? Well, let’s just say, that is what I thought when I first opened my photography studio on the corner of Smith Street and Merrick Avenue back in April of 2008. Boy was I wrong! The Chamber of Commerce of our town, or for any town, is way much more than that, and every chamber tries to get the information out there, but let’s face it, there is so much information being thrown at us from everywhere, that sometimes, it just doesn’t get the importance that it is meant to have. Fortunately, I have been given the opportunity to tell you exactly what the Merrick Chamber of Commerce does for our community, and I am hoping you will find it interesting enough to take the time, reach out and join us for the ride! If you live in Merrick or own a business here, then this is important information for you to know. In fact, once I became a member in 2008, I was hooked! So, 3 years later I was asked to join the board of directors, then 7 years after that, in January 2019, yours truly was installed as the 85th president of this humble organization.

I came to find out that the chamber was run by a group of dedicated volunteers! Wow! Who knew?  I came to find out that they are responsible for the holiday lights here on Merrick Avenue and Merrick Road. I came to find out that the chamber sponsors $1,000 scholarships to 6 deserving hard-working students of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School district every year! I came to find out that they indeed were responsible for the Halloween Parade, Santa’s Visit, two annual Street festivals and of course the many networking and general meetings that address the business-related needs of the membership. I guess the next question should be is, “How the heck do they do all that?” Well, it is through the dedicated board members and through the many volunteers who selflessly care about this community and want what’s best for it, and nothing more. We live here, and if we own a business here, then our patrons live here, and we should do whatever it takes to make it thrive and for us to be proud of the town we live in. I fell in love with this town back in 2002 and have been an active member in the schools where both my boys went to Chatterton, Merrick Avenue Middle School and then finally Calhoun. How lucky are they? Both my husband and I always count our blessings to be here and so it gives me the passion and energy to give back. Not to mention the utmost support and dedication I have from my board members, past presidents and of course, my administrative assistant. I encourage every business owner, professional and resident in Merrick to join the Chamber of Commerce TODAY! Wait…did I say resident? You bet I did! We now offer a residential membership for only $25, so that EVERYONE who lives here can take part and not feel left out. Do not wait. Register today right on our website at or you just might miss this train of opportunity and the chance to give back and be a part of something special in your hometown.

Femy Aziz